AOTO Electronics Co., Ltd. (“AOTO”) is a diversified holding company registered in Shenzhen, China.

Talent Concept

AOTO holds people oriented concept as the strategic human resources philosophy and regards staff as the most precious wealth and resources. AOTO has developed a complete human resources system, which includes marketing, project management, R&D and technical support team.


Apart from this, some professors from financial industry, IT industry and management industry are invited to offer advices for company development. The development of AOTO is driven by our outstanding staff and their hard-working attitude.

Talent Value

AOTO Electronics has always been upholding the talent concept of putting people first and always committed to talent development, reserve, utilization, and retention. As guided by one of the strategic goals of building AOTO Electronics into a learning-based innovative organization, the Company has taken talent development and utilization as the basis for entrepreneurship, competition, and corporate development, and endeavored to grow into a talent gathering highland. To realize this strategic goal, the Company has focused on the following four aspects: career, culture, development, and remuneration retention. 

Company Welfare


1. Provide statutory holidays;


2.Provide paid annual leave;


3.Provide benefits on March 8 Women’s Day (for female employees only);


4.Purchase social insurance and housing provident fund for employees; provide interest-free housing loan, housing for talents and housing allowance for qualified employees;


5.Purchase commercial casualty insurance and international group travel insurance for certain posts;


6.Organize a wide range of employee activities;


7.Host the annual summary and commendation conference and New Year’s gala;


8.Organize employee birthday parties;


9.Provide holiday gifts and wedding gifts;


10.Provide phone bill subsidy, night shift subsidy, and expatriation subsidy.


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