AOTO released the new TV studio and conference room solutions

18 | 11 | 2020

AOTO – a leading global manufacturer of deluxe visual display systems – has announced that following the launch of its spectacular CV Series earlier in the year, built upon Ultra High-resolution Mini LED, the solutions specialized for TV studio and conference room based on this display range are now released.


Prominent news and sports studios across the world already feature AOTO display systems at the heart of programming. The BBC News Studio in London, UK, the TBS Channel Sports News Studio in the US, Germany’s Sky Sports Studio, and in Beijing, China’s, CCTV News Studio already trust AOTO displays to deliver core dynamic, visual content.



In the studio, the CV Series delivers exceptional and high definition performance, with a color range of 110% NTSC and 24-bit color processing depth which transfers vibrant and defined visuals without the moiré effect so easily picked up by studio cameras. Even high-speed cameras represent no obstacle for the display system’s high refresh rate, which ensures a flicker-free, smooth frame transition.


For today’s multi-camera environment, with omnidirectional filming, the CV Series offers unparalleled viewing angles, accessible across almost 180-degrees and perfectly flat, so that content can be viewed perfectly from anywhere, both on- and off-axis.


Dynamic content delivery can be achieved anywhere from the smallest broadcast studio to the largest conference space due to the modularity of the CV Series. The UHD display delivers content on any scale due to the seamless splicing capabilities of the Mini LED panels. The CV Series panels join to create an intact and color-rich display with no visible gaps to interrupt the audience’s viewing experience.



A vital requirement in the conference and collaboration sector is to capture and maintain the attention of the audience. The CV Series offers exceptional visual performance with no distractions. Wireless configuration of the range ensures it is simple to set up and eliminates the distraction of trailing wires for a polished solution with a neat and professional finish.  


Enhanced viewing comfort is afforded by the HDR display series and its 6000:1 contrast ratio which assures a soft and even output that is easy to view over extended periods. The Ultra-High-Resolution display also reduces the moiré effect that contributes to viewing fatigue so that audiences can maintain extended focus on content delivery.


With its unparalleled 180-degree viewing angle, the CV Series enables conferences and meeting spaces to comfortably accommodate an audience with a more spacious seating arrangement. More importantly, the revolutionarily lightweight structure design allows for convenient installation and maintenance. The wide scope of the screen, which can be adjusted in six directions for the ultimate even finish, is inclusive and makes use of the furthest reaches of meeting space.

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